“I have used DDR for a number of supply chain projects over the past 5 years and believe that they continually deliver significant value and strong customer service. The DDR team does a nice job up front, working with the customer to define the project deliverables and to ensure alignment on scope. Then they deliver.”

John Condon
SVP Pharmaceutical
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Manufacturing Supply Chain

Manufacturing Supply Chain

Through proven planning and analytical methodology, strategic outsourcing expertise, and a bottom-up understanding of how manufacturing and supply chains work, DDR develops and executes individualized solutions that keep materials off the critical path – ensuring that each therapeutic product is always available when and where it is needed.

Past projects have included:

Case Study 1: Small Molecule Oncology Product

Initial Client Contact: Multiple near stock outs in pivotal Phase 2 – DDR retained to determine cause and provide solution

  • Designed Supply Chain
  • Managed Clinical and Commercial Supply Operations
  • Optimized batch size
  • Optimized product presentation
  • Selected Manufacturing, Packaging, 3PL
  • Managed Technology Transfer
  • Developed Planning Process
  • Developed Job Descriptions – Hired and Trained Staff

Quantitative Impacts:  Clinical trials successfully completed. Product launched.

Case Study 2: Peptide Thrombolytic Product

Initial Client Contact: Supply Chain Manager quit abruptly

  • Managed Clinical and Commercial Supply Operations
  • Optimized Batch Size
  • Developed Planning Process
  • Developed Job Descriptions – Hire and Train Staff

Quantitative Impacts: 8% reduction in COGS and 17% decrease in drug substance requirement for this capacity-constrained product.

Case Study 3: Vaccine Product

Initial Client Contact: Poor results endangered ability to hit government contractual commitments

  • Managed Commercial Manufacturing Operations
  • Developed Planning Process
  • Implemented Vendor Performance Management Process
  • Selected, implemented, and validated ERP
  • Developed job descriptions, hired and trained employees

Quantitative Impacts: Contractual commitments fulfilled. 20% increase in yield.

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